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Topics: Key, Kanon, Visual Art's Pages: 2 (725 words) Published: April 25, 2014
It is the beginning of a hot sunny day of August, on a beach which seems a remote place. It is the early morning no sound can be heard, just the waves crashing over the rocks and the fresh sea breeze that revitalises all people's souls. In the late morning, some people are starting to show up on the beach, with their families and with their children's happy faces which are suggesting that they are really agitated, as some children couldn't stay calm and still. As their hands, their legs and all of their bodies are moving up and down like crazy jumping frogs. Especially a child, maybe a six-year-old boy who has a ball in his hand, which seems alive as it wouldn't stay in the child's sweaty hand, but it might prefers to stay in the shady sand under the umbrella. While the enthusiastic children are on cloud nine, also if they are not doing anything, but maybe the fresh air from the sea is like a drug that is bringing so much happiness to them. But the drug is not working in the same way with the parents: their faces are not showing the same high spirit as their children. It seems like they are terribly pensive, like they are still at work, and they are not as absolutely relaxed as they should be on a summer holiday. When finally, the fathers found their umbrellas, they seem free from "the melancholy of their job". The fresh and quiet weather of the early morning is dissolving into the hottest and the sunniest day of the whole summer. Now the beach is covered by the noises of chatting as some elderly ladies are gossiping. The smell of fast food and especially the indistinguishable smell of the Italian pizza which drifts over the pier. The sand is so hot that people who want to go to the sea have to hop, rushing to a shady place; it gives the impression that the sand is not for real, but it's a ferocious fire ready to harm people with its scorching flame. But people aren't caring about it as the amazing seascape are leaving them with open mouths. Near the immense...
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