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Topics: Science, Faith, Religion Pages: 2 (722 words) Published: November 21, 2013
Kevin roc, ESSAY
please forgive the for the bad grammar this is a draf .

I’m kevin, i have no great story to tell, but my goals are larger than life itself. i want to go beyond the boundaries of the universe, to invent the next big thing, primarily to grow as a human being ,20% of my efforts to help those I can in the process. neither science nor religion on its own has the answers i’m looking for, thus i find myself baffle walking between them. i believe that the highest sciences is religion and the highest religion is the most advances sciences. the level of comprehension i’m looking for is so high that i cannot rely on the ancient dogmatic text only for ex: the Kybalion, the Bible, etc . In my path i’m force to look at others path to learn from, as well as extract meaning in my own path.

science fascinates me, Cassiopeia project and tedtalks talk about light behaves as waves and as particles, the idea that everything could be light in a concentrated state of motion strikes my curiosity, what is light? Defining light as the some of its part doesn’t answer the question.”RESISTANCE” light is resistance, the filament resist the current flowing from the positive, it’s day when the earth resist the light from the sun, thus the definition of light is abstract. when “FlOW” is being block it generates light, energy then is “FlOW” and ”RESISTANCE”. Realising that the smallest entities are abstract in manifestation, instantly aesthetically adhere me to be an agnostic. After a while my concept of “FLOW” and “RESISTANCE” became dim, what are “FLOW” and “RESISTANCE” ? I’m looking for something that i don’t know what it is.I can only have faith. Alan watts a philosopher of the 20th century, said in one of his lecture “ two reason you don't know know what you really want, number one: you have it, number two: you don’t know yourself cause you never can, the godhead is never of it own knowledge just as a knife doesn’t cut it self, fire doesn’t burn...
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