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Topics: Language, Speech, Psychology Pages: 2 (387 words) Published: December 10, 2012
The ability to acquire language innate or learned? (provide evidence/support your reasoning)

It has to be innate because we learn the language as kids by hearing and speaking. However we can also learn a language when we are older by interacting with others and finding a interest that we can do in another language, connecting visual objects to words. In childhood we learned language easily because we hear it every day and there is no other language that can confuse us.

Are some languages more/less difficult to learn than another language? (why/how do you know)

Definitely. Something like Chinese is very hard to learn because they use symbols instead of letters and therefore we have to learn how to read as well as to write. It is very hard to put Chinese in practice if you do not live in China and only learning a language class. Knowing the culture of the country can help to learn the language. Some languages have a basic structure and are more easy to learn while others have a wider verity of vocal or tenses. Some languages are considered hard only because it is very hard to pronounce.

Does language shape culture or culture shape language? (you will need to identify your idea of culture here)

A bit of both but more culture shapes the language. Culture is what defines our country and what is our traditions. Depending on your culture will depend the way you sleep. Someone from a hood will speak very sloppy, incorrectly and use jargon when someone from a culture that require people to be polite and act nice will speak correctly and use harder vocabulary.

Does language define our identity?

No, language does not define who we are but the way we use the language does affect the impression we give people.

Do beliefs influence our use of language?

Yes, because if you are religious you might use a different vocabulary from someone who is not. Also some very religious people used language very correctly and formally.

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