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Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Friendship, Family Pages: 2 (601 words) Published: September 10, 2011
Text: Spitting Chips
Due Date: Monday, 23rd of May 2011
Journal Entry 1 - Question: Explore Spud’s relationship to Eric and compare this relationship to a personal relationship between you and a friend or between two friends you know. Relationships are very important to humans. Most of us cannot live without a relationship because if we didn’t have one, we would be lonely most of our life. There are two types of relationships: firstly, temporary and secondly, permanent. A relationship is how people or things are related or how people get on with each other. A temporary relationship means lasting for a limited time only. Whereas a permanent relationship means lasting for always or for a very long time. Spud has a relationship with Eric. She is his best friend. Spud and Eric’s relationship is close because during the play they didn’t break up even though they had a few arguments. Most of the time she is angry at Eric because of the tragedy which happened to her and that was the death of her mother. Her mother had passed away when she was younger. She didn’t get to see her. In the play, ‘Spitting Chips,’ Spud states, ‘One night dad went to the hospital and didn’t come home till morning, and when he did, he said it was all over. Just like in the movies. It’s hard to explain. I felt sad, and sort of glad that she didn’t have to be in that awful hospital anymore, but I was mad with Eric for having a mother at all and I was mad with mum for going away and not even saying goodbye, and I was mad with Eric for having a mother at all and I was mad with dad for not telling me anything.’ (Page 44). This quote explains how Spud felt and how mad she was at everyone, especially Eric. She was jealous of him because he had a mum. This is one reason why she is mad at him. But overall, their relationship is good because she can rely on him. The relationship between my friend Rokayah and I is great. Rokayah and I are very close to each other and we help each...
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