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Topics: Lingua franca, English language, International auxiliary language Pages: 2 (686 words) Published: April 5, 2013

The globalization of English has spread in an overwhelming velocity and it is an issue undeniable. The topics we have to take into account are if this globalization is good or not for speakers all over the world and if this is fair or unfair for the other languages.

According to Rubdy & Saraceni (2006) English is the global language; it plays the role of international communication in business, technologies, sports and science. It is obvious that it is necessary the existence and establishment of a common language and the reasons why English has been chosen as it are several. Brutt-Griffler (2002, p.110) argues that the emergence of World English is due to a combination of economic, historical and commercial centrality and its intellectual and cultural work in the world; “World language is a product of the socio-historical development of the world econocultural system.”.

The Globalization of English produces that the majority population are being forced to learn a new language even when they have not finished learning their own tongue. The learning of a second language affects on the learning of the first language and vice versa, this may means that the first language is in danger of disappearance owing to the use, if English is used more frequently in all world fields the other languages will disappear. As Cook (2003, p.1) wrote “It becomes blatant when the first language starts to disappear, for instance when a speaker brings more and more L2 word into his or her first language”:

English as the language of international scientific communication have many positive aspects, it is a necessity and, above everything, it will help and is helping to the Scientifics to interact with other co-workers from other parts of the world easily and the improvement of the teamwork and the sharing of works and ideas. This will produce a powerful scientific advance. As Siguan (2001)...
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