English In Movie

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Wall street2
English in Movie
Wall Street (1987)
Doing any better would be a sin.
Woman slayer= playboy
Spaghetti= Pasta= Italian noodle
Sun Tzu, the art of war. 孙子兵法
Every battle is won before it's ever fought
It's trench warfare out there
I'll go the extra yard for you为你两肋插刀
Mole 卧底
Cut the chase
What else you got in your bag of tricks? 你葫芦里还卖了什么药? There came into Egypt a Pharaoh who did not know
Do a lousy job 做的真逊
Traumatized - 创伤
Every cloud has a silver lining黑暗中总有一线光明
Cut through steel as like it was wuer 削泥如铁

The remains of my life will be spent on Manhattan, New York
Hey, if you're up...
Its okay. Thanks.
But def.
Not many ppl want it I guess >.<
The cs class I wanted filled up so I will probably overload. So I sign up to physics.
Alright u too
Happy birthday man, have an awesome one: D
It makes sense we just messed up
No math quiz tomorrow, right?
Birthday wish: May every special happiness fill this day for you and may the year bring everything you look for Haha thank you so much~so sweet
Um~sorry i dnot think so
Y u ask?;p
Yeah right~ says the kid with the billion dollar computer
My phone died
Oh no, it just ran out of batttery and i couldnt charge it
Haha no sale
Omg congrats!! That's amazing!
Sure sure~ im up for it
U guys are real heavy weights then
asl是Age, sex and location 的所写,年龄,性别和地址(国籍) lol是laugh out loud的缩写,意思是大声笑,笑的很开心的样子 ppl=people
bbs=be back soon=很快回来
asap=as soon as possible
g2g = got to go
ttyl = talk to you later
brb = be right back
bbl = be back later
bio brb=上个厕所就回
afk = away from keyboard (away)
u = you
plz = please
y = why
w8 = wait
l8er = later
cya = see ya (later)
nvm = nevermind
nm = not much
gl = good luck
gf = girlfriend
bf = boyfriend
RUOK=are you ok?
cu=see u
cul8er= see you later
ic=i see
soho=small office home officer
btw=by the way
gn=gn8=gnight=good night=晚安
说明:一般第一个人常说gnight/gn8,然后第二个人用nite,后面的用nn什么的都可以了。不要问我为什么,约定俗成而已。 hiho=hola=yo=hi=hey=hellow=ello你好,大家好
wuz up=sup=what's up=(原意:怎么样你?/有什么事儿嘛?)也可作为问好用(当然是比较熟的两个人之间的问候),回答时有事说事,没事用"nothing/nothin much/not much/nm等回答就可以。 OMG=oh my god=我的天;我靠!
OMFG=oh my fucking god=我的老天;我靠靠;
wtf=what the fuck=怎么会事!?;我日!;
n1=nice 1=nice one=漂亮
pwnz=ownz=牛比!(例句:pwnz demo!;lefuzee ownz all the others!) rullz=强!(例句:lefuzee rullz!;you guyz rull!!!)
you rock!=你牛比!
lmao=laughing my ass off=笑的屁股尿流
rofl=roll on floor laughing=笑翻天了
语气强度排序:hehe should get it done as soon as possible.) 12,tho=though=虽然尽管(例句:That demo was very nice,kinda old tho.那个demo很不错,虽然有点老) 13,plz=please=请

14,cmon=c'mon=come on
15,suka=s ucker suck(吮吸),er(表“人”),吮吸的人...没天真到无邪的人都能明白了。 16,enuff=enough=足够
17,hax=hack=cheat=作弊,说谎(很地道时尚的词,老外用的比较多) 18,ty=thank you 原本用的不多,不过现在又开始兴起来了 19,conn=connection=线路,网络,网络类型 (例句:what conn do you have? / cable ) 20,asap=as soon as possible 尽快
21,imo=in my opinion 我认为
22,smh=shake my head (摇头叹气)
24,ttyl=talk to you later
26,j/j=j/k=j/p=just joking, kidding, playing (开玩笑)
29,holla=来和我讲话,also, holla at yo boy, holla at yo girl etc. 30,atcha=at you
31,gotcha?=got you?
1,w00t=woot=what=虾米?!主要表示what和yeah的意思,例如惊叹和兴奋。 2,1337=l337=l33t=leet=elite=很强,超强的西西(例句:l33t demo;lefuzee is l337!!!!) 3,lame=滥;衰 (例句:dude,thats the lamest thing ive ever heard.哥们,这是我听过的最sb的事情。) 4,dude=d00d=(原意:花花公子)哥们,朋友

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