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Identity Essay

The concept of identity is influenced by people, places and events. In psychology and sociology, identity is a person's conception and expression of their individuality or group affiliations (such as national identity and cultural identity). The concept is given a great deal of attention in social psychology and is important in place identity. Some people’s identity could be formed by what they see from people, places and events although some peoples may be from one of them some are from all categories. Identity is made up of personal characteristics that shape ones personality, providing them with a unique distinction from those around them. A person’s identity is shaped by what they see and what actions they have taken in from people, places and events. The concept of identity wide and flexible that it can be simply influenced by people, places and events causing individuals to feel left out as shown in the film, The black balloon directed by Elissa down. The core text radiance by Louis Nowra shows three Aboriginal Half-sisters in their search for identity but struggling on their way. Radiance shows how people, places and events can form ones identity. When the three sisters reunite after several years to attend their mother’s funeral, past resentments and secrets are slowly revealed. In their reunite, the three sisters affront changes in their identity. Upon returning home the sisters begin to recite past events they have experienced before their social context. As Cressy steps into her childhood she states that she was raped by her mother’s boyfriend and getting pregnant and giving birth at the age of 12. Cressy’s identity was formed from an unfortunate circumstance but this shows how they influence and even form other people’s identity. Cressy shows her hatred towards her mother when she tells Nona “I hated mum for not believing me. But at least she kept you, pretended you were hers, I am your mother Nona” Cressy leaves home and goes to...
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