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Topics: Logic, Father, Understanding Pages: 1 (431 words) Published: January 29, 2013
“Back in my days”
We are all well aware of the classic case of cultural difference. And who are the prime targets of this epidemic; it’s us and our parents. Let me start with a story. I was schedule to leave on the red eye at 11 45 pm, unfortunately a very close friend of mine 25th birthday bash coincided with the date of my departure. I had this entire strategy meticulously mapped out in my head, I was going to leave home around 8- 8:30pm, atend ari’s party, be there for an hour or so and still be in the airport 45 minutes before departure. It seemed fair and only logical. I took it up to my father explained my plans to him, I could tell from the expression he had on his face that he wasn’t happy he was only a few moments from bursting like a well shaken soda bottle and when he did it wasn’t pretty. “go attend the celebrations and be back in an hour” in my mind I went “you’ve got to kidding me” his argument was that he wanted to send me off in a proper manner he couldn’t deal with worrying about me for the next hour or so before I boarded my plane; that would’ve made a legit argument if I was 10and there I was, 24 and still being chaperoned to the airport. Then there was a parade of bickering arguments about “my ways” and about topics that made no relevance to the subject, feelings that were suppressed found an opportunity to surface. And after 20 minutes of raised voices and male testosterone, the result was me leaving home in a bitter note and with an even bitter taste in my mouth. I did understand my old man’s sentiments, the place he was coming from, his son was going away to school for months and there he was making plans to attend a party, I could tell that he felt I was inconsiderate and I might just have put friends over family which in no way is true. I’ll leave it up to the readers be the jury to decide who was at wrong. All I am saying here is that maybe a little research could help, there could be an effort made to create a mutual understanding and...
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