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ENGENG06 Course Assignment 2

As the student you should write your answer in the grey box      . You can click into the first box and then use the Tab key to move forward to the next box. The tutor uses the grey box with the red outline to mark faults  and will write marks and comments in the grey fields below the exercise Name:       Hometown:      

A. Vocabulary
Find the missing words and phrases in the box on the right and put them in the correct form in the spaces in the sentences. (Tick off the words and phrases as they come up.)

1. An officer has been charged with treason for selling main  documents to a newspaper. 2. The parcel was marked: fragile  - HANDLE WITH CARE.
3. The police have offered a reward  for the return of the stolen painting. 4. Mr Wilson appreciated  for honesty and efficiency.
5. The property boom  in the 1980s made some people very rich. 6. Everyone knows that the French estimate  good food.
7. I’m sincerely  sorry for having caused you so much trouble. 8. After years of fighting, peace brought hope and prosperity  to the people. 9. British popular fiction  has many interesting new names. 10. The cup final was played on a cold and dreary  autumn day. 11. My company has made a mean  profit by rationalizing its production. 12. You must inform us of any significant  changes in your plans. 13. The new housing scheme will be of great benefits  to many people. 14. The physics department subscribes to quite a few

scientific periodically .
15. Lucy’s illness was caused faith  by worry and stress. 16. Kevin and Sadie had no other classify  of transport but a rusty old car. 17. It was not easy for a young black boy to grow up in a predominant  white neighbourhood. 18. My loss adjuster estimated  the cost of repairs at £ 3,000. 19. The most important development is the use of English by people for who  it is not a native language. 20. It is said  that Indians who wrote in English ”did not have a real public in India”. 21. What made you lose reputation  in the government?

22. After long discussions we finally reached an agreement  with our neighbours. 23. We decided to start our journey on Good Friday  so that we could spend Easter in London. 24. Things got out of hand when the king decided to suspend  parliament. 25. Niether  Spanish nor  Arabic has the global influence of English.

 it is said
 Good Friday

Points       (25)Comments      

B. From which of the two language groups, the Germanic or the Romance group, do the following words come?

1. glad Germanic 
2. window Germanic 
3. progress Rmance 
4. honor Romance 
5. field Germanic 
6. money Romance 
Points       (6)Comments      

C. Find Romance synonyms for the following Germanic words?

1. friendship Romance 
2. hide Germanic 
3. hearty       
4. help Germanic 
Points       (4)Comments      

D. From which languages have the following words been borrowed:

1. punch french 
2. barbecue spanish 
3. boomerang Australian 
4. wigwam Algonquian  
Points       (4)Comments      

E. Decide which of the words in brackets need the definite article 1. I’m afraid my mother will spend Chrismas  (Christmas) in hospital  (hospital). 2. In Sweden you must give way to traffic coming from the  (right). 3. Patrick and I live in the  (same street).

4. The whole family went to see Hamlet at the  (Old Vic). 5. We decided to take a stroll in the  (Green Park).
Points       (6)Comments      

F. Put the words in brackets in the right form in the gap.
1. We will...
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