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Topics: Family, Grandparent, English-language films Pages: 6 (292 words) Published: March 6, 2015
Graham Swift


The Boat represented
the Family on how it
was before ralph and
how they were as the
original family .
Graham used the term
of the boat to represent
how the family was
“laboured but steady”

“The voyages were trouble
free. Grandfather improvised
a wire grapnel on the end of
a length of fishing line incase
of shipwrecks or engine
failure ,but it was never
(line 20)This shows how
the family never needed
anybody else they were
always trouble free as a

The Boy describes how
they set the boat on its
first trip across the pond
since the mother and
ralph got together saying
“Suddenly the boat became
deeper and deeper in the
water , the motor cut, the
launch swallowed , sank”
Here Graham is using the
boat to describe how the
new family is not as good
as the origional family as
made several
throws of his grapnel
now just Ralph
and pulled
green slime” This
, the
shows how the grandfather tried to save
the boat and save the family but failed in
both attempts

“ How about me buying you a
new one ? How would you like
that ?”
Here Ralph is trying to buy
the boy a new boat as a
way of saying he is now
part of the family but the
boy does not see it this
way as to him his boat was
special as it was
something he did with his

“As it moved it seemed
that it followed an actual
existing line between
Grandfather , myself and
mother as if grandfather
was pulling us toward him
on an invisible cord”
Here it is made out that
the line is what connects
them all .

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