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Chapter 2 Writing Improvement Exercises

Save this file to your computer. Your assignment is to revise each of the following exercises to reflect your mastery of the concepts described in Chapter 2. Create your revisions directly on your screen, save your response, and send it to your instructor as a Word attachment in Blackboard mail.

To help you, the solutions to several problems are already provided. Be sure to type your answers at the indented points after each enumeration to avoid the problem of automated numbering.

Revise the following sentences to emphasize the perspective of the audience and the“you” view.

1. To avoid suffering the kinds of monetary losses we have experienced in the past, our credit union prohibits the cashing of third-party checks presented by our members. Our facility will be pleased to cash all properly executed checks other than third-party checks.

2. To help us process your order with our new database software, we need you to go to this Web site, www.databasefullfillment.com, and fill out the customer information required. Please visit our website www.databasefullment.comto help us process your order.

3. We are pleased to announce an arrangement with H-P that allows us to offer discounted computers in the student bookstore.

4. Under a new policy, reimbursement of travel expenses will be restricted to those related to work only.

5. We are pleased to announce that you have been approved to enroll in our management trainee program.

6. I give my permission for you to attend the two-day workshop.

Revise the following to make the tone conversational yet professional.

7. Under separate cover the above-referenced items (printer toner and supplies) are being sent to your Oakdale office, as per your telephone conversation of April 1. As you requested in your phone call of April 1, we are pleased to send you the...
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