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Topics: Time, Psychology, Concepts in metaphysics Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: June 20, 2013
No matter what happens, there is always a moral behind the story. It is also very important for our children to know what is the root to their failure and their disappointment. Most of the time, children will start to blame others for their failure and disappointment rather than thinking of what they have decided to do and their own behavior. By right parents and friends should guide our children and teach them how to deal with their problems, to learn from their mistake, gain experience and then be strong and move on in life. When children learn how to interpret their problems, they would be able to relate the reasons to the mistakes that they have made. After interpreting, it would be easier for them to analyse and learn from their failure and disappointment. Besides that, after encountering their failure or disappointment, they will remember for a long period and be more aware and alert next time when they face a similar problem. Whenever children face a similar incident, they would be to connect, relate and compare the current problem and the ones in their past. From the experience they gain, children can learn more as time passes and avoid the chances of failure and disappointment. After gaining more and more experiences, our children will definitely be stronger and more confident in their own than they use to be. For instants, when children face a similar scenario, they will have the experience handling the problem. If they were to fail and feel disappointed, they will recover and deal with it in a shorter period of time. In conclusion, it is very important for our children to deal with their failure and disappointment because they will be able to learn more, gain more experience and move on with in life without affecting their daily routine and also others’.
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