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Fiction Essay


Graham Greene the author of “The Destructors” and Richard Connell the author of “The Most Dangerous Game” both used a similar mood in their stories. Connell placed his story on an island in the Caribbean that was dark and scary, it had a reputation of death and separation. Greene placed his characters in a post war zone in London where there seemed to be little hope of life. Greene’s setting was urban with many young English boys as his main characters; Connell contrasted that with a sole island with only two main inhabitants and a pack of dogs. Both authors wrote stories that have very troubled characters. The characters also reflect a dark mood to go along with the setting. The Credibility was reasonable for both stories and I believed both stories could happen. Rainsford and “T” were good characters and the setting a great deal influenced them both. I related more to the atmosphere of “The most Dangerous Game” but did not have any problem picturing either one while reading the stories.
“The Destructors” took place in London post world war II 1939-1945 on Bank Holiday, which is a 3-day weekend that takes place in Britain a few times a year. “The Most Dangerous Game” took place on a remote tropical island in the Caribbean and was sometime after the First World War. The first similarity between the two stories is the dark mood that both setting portray, nighttime on an island in the middle of the ocean and post war stricken London. Another similarity is how both setting portray a holiday or vacation idea.
The Setting of “The Most Dangerous Game” is exactly the kind of setting you would need to pull of the kind of “game” secluded from the day to day bother of other people who might be passing by, no law enforcement to bother you with the accusation of murder. “The Destructors” setting is a little harder to believe that this could happen and that a group of kids could pull

References: Connell, R. (1924). The most dangerous game. Greene, G. (1954). The destructors.

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