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Topics: World, Earth, Refugee camp Pages: 4 (1453 words) Published: May 15, 2012

The global world. A world in which barriers and identifying characteristics of different countries and communities are broken down to create a world which is uniform and commercialized. This global world is presented throughout the four texts: the film, Lost In Translation, the novel, The Shipping News, the film, Children Of Men and the novel, Transmission in differing ways. In this fast-aced global world, connections with individuals or communities are beneficial to an individual being able to establish and identify oneself.

The development of the characters are seen within all the texts, and the way in which the characters develop are from the relationships they choose to build and uphold in their worlds. In Lost In Translation, the Shipping News and Children Of Men, the connections they make with certain individuals allow them to make their path through the global worlds that are presented before them. Lost In Translation shows us a heavily globalised and commercialized Japan in which the two characters Bob and Charlotte begin their journey. They both come from America to Japan, Bob on a trip to shoot an advertisement and Charlotte, on a trip, following her husband, unsure of what is set for her in the future. Before the two characters meet, it is already clear that they do not fit in to this global world as the director uses different camera shots and scenarios where the characters are shown in isolation, eg. Charlotte sitting alone next to the window in her hotel room, or through the blurring effect of the camera, where if the character is in focus, the scenery is blurred and if the scenery is in focus, the character is blurred eg. Bob’s taxi ride to the hotel in the opening scene. These techniques already show us the trouble the two characters have with connecting to this place they are in. It is only when the two characters meet and begin to build a strong friendship, that their stay in this unknown land seems to become...
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