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Topics: Old age, Protest, Middle age Pages: 3 (872 words) Published: January 16, 2015
Riverview Hospital for the Elderly
Sebastian Knowles is a perfect candidate for the job at the Riverview Hospital for the Elderly. Sebastian Knowles handles stress well, which can come in handy in case of an emergency procedure for example if an elderly gets a heart attack, or if it’s just an stressful day at the hospital. He has worked before at a care home, where he worked at the kitchen helping out. One of the requirements for the job is that you’ve have had a background form a health and care sector. Sebastian also worked at a catering service, where he prepared food and delivered them, which is one of the duties for the new staff member. He also worked as a cleaner in the care home, which is also one of the duties of the new staff member considering one of the duties, is to maintain order and hygiene in the kitchen. Sebastian is also a good personal companion, and that can be useful, considering that the elderly people can get lonely at times. Sebastian has an education which is suitable for the job at Riverview. Sebastian has had a two-year course at the NVQ, Food and Nutritional Services (Essex Vocational College) in Colchester. In the job advertisement it says that they are looking for a person who has had a minimum of a two-year course at a Vocational college in Nutrition and Hygiene, and that’s pretty much what Sebastian has had. Sebastian also speaks English as his native language and he also speaks fluently French and he speaks basic Spanish. All of these languages can come in handy in case the Hospital gets non-native English people.

Issues in English-speaking countries
Fracking or hydraulic fracturing is a process that is used to extract gas from rocks underground, and it can cause small earthquakes and it can pollute the water supplies. The fracking issue in Balcombe in West Sussex was a huge news report. There were some complaints that the police officers that stopped the demonstration were to ‘’hard’’ or to...
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