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Topics: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The New Yorker, James Thurber Pages: 4 (1045 words) Published: May 14, 2012
English Essay: Writing Task

For this homework, we are dealing with an extract of ‘The secret Life of Walter Mitty’, which is written by James Thurber.

James Thurber: James Grover Thurber was born in 1894 in Ohio, United States. He was an american author, but he was best known for his cartoons and short stories published in the New Yorker magazine. He was one of the most popular humorists of his time, and mostly wrote about the eccentricities of ordinary people. The story we are talking about here is considered one of his masterpieces.

The story is set in Conneticut, and deals with a man driving with his wife for their rgular weekly shopping. Seems quite average, right?

Before writing this essay, i would like to introduce the readers into the paradox in which they get submerged when they carry on reading, line after line.

Life places a great gap between wish and reality. The way he is in reality, really contrasts the way he is in the fantasy world. His abilities in the real world quickly transform into abilities in “fantasy land.” However, the audience sees things he doesn’t, which brings a dramatic irony into the picture…Let’s see an example. In Walter’s first daydream he is a commander of a navy seaplane, who is trying to land it on ice to save the crew from death. However, Mitty always drives at moderate speed, below 55 km/h and he always listens to his wife, unlike the fact that he would not take suggestions from his crew. He goes from a brave, commander to just another person on this Earth.

I’m sure routine has a special capacitiy or some kind of powerful force which makes us submerge into our thoughts and visit other more exciting places and experiences, so we can feel some kind of relationshp with Mitty.


6:00am. The sound of the alarm clock seemed to raise from underworld itself. That howling and perverse little...
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