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Topics: Poetry, Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights Pages: 2 (1163 words) Published: April 12, 2015
Spellbound by Emily Bronte (text A) and an extract describing the Wild Wood from The wind in the Willows (text B)

Text A and text B are connected by a highly charged bleak atmosphere which is creating a supernatural feeling of entrapment in a forest like setting. The poetry of the period (the eighteenth century) in which Bronte wrote reflects the personal and psychological anguish of a world inundate with science and industry which is evidenced in the psychological probing of the imagery in the poem. The setting of Bronte’s poem is set in the Yorkshire Moors, the same setting as her novel “Wuthering Heights”. Bronte lived a fairly reclusive lifestyle shown by the solitary figure captivated by an invisible force in a threatening storm. The poem explores a feeling of entrapment, possibly linked to her feelings about being trapped in her life and not being able to escape. Both texts are also connected by the theme of isolation as both characters are all alone. The extract from The Wind in the Willows describes Mole’s experiences alone in the Wild Wood. Rather like the narrator in ‘spellbound’ Mole feels threatened by an invisible and malevolent force, despite choosing to enter the wood of his own volition rather like the speaker in ‘Spellbound’. Text A is a lyric poem consisting of three quatrains of an alternate rhyme scheme, the rhythm is mostly six or seven syllable lines, some of the lines is iambic trimeter for example in line three there is an extra syllable to emphasise the conjunction ‘But’. Text A also uses the technique of caesura for example ‘cannot, cannot go’ and ‘will not, cannot go’. The poem consist of mostly end-stopped line to emphasise the entrapment and inescapability. The use of emjambment in line five and six ‘The giant trees are bending Their bare boughs weighed with snow’. Is used to describe trees. The adjective ‘bare’ could suggest religion or life. The use of emjambment could suggest that it’s on going, Bronte is always feeling this...
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