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Topics: Lynching, Hanging / Pages: 1 (520 words) / Published: Jul 6th, 2015
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Katianna Warren
Mrs. Williams, Period 3
English 10 Honors
2 February 2015
The Shadows of the Noose
Disgust at the ignorance of the history behind the noose is visibly shown in Jack Shuler's article for the
AVID Weekly even though hanging has been a part of history for thousand of years.
His article "Does a Noose Hanging from a Tree Ever Not Correlate with America's Lynching
Past?" was published in the
Los Angeles Times
. Two nooses were found at Los Angeles County high schools. People like the local sheriff dismissed it as a ‘prank’ and said nothing more of it.
Shuler effectively uses rhetorical devices of logos and pathos to explain how the noose has a dark past and should not be joked about lightly.
Shuler uses logos in his essay to get his point directly across about the noose hangings.
Nooses were first used with animals and boats. Later it was used to snuff out human being's last breath by choking the life out of them. Nooses tied by James Knowles were detailed and tied to perfection. Even as a teenager, Knowles knew the effects of nooses and what they represented.
Shuler weaves logos into a few of the pathos to make it much more efficient. For example when he said, “[B]ut also women and children were brutalized, mutilated and hanged from trees, telephone poles and bridges across the nation.” It consists of facts but he worded it in a way to where it would still tug at your heart strings.
Not only does Shuler use logos to present his information to his readers, but he uses another rhetorical device, called pathos, to stir up their emotions to convince them. Shuler used

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pathos to get the reader to become more aware of the situation on the inside. He writes in some anecdotes to enforce the use of emotion stirring. His anecdotes spark an ember of anger deep with in his readers. Followed by that spark is a twinge of sympathy and abhorrence. “It’s almost like I could see myself hanging from that

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