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Everyone has a special memory that they will never forget. To me, spending time with my friends on my twenty-first birthday on 21st November 2014 in college was the best time i had ever had. Firstly, sharp 12.00am all my best friends and family members called to my number without a break until around 02.00am.It was really a shocked for me because this is the first time all my best friends called me sharply. There was also another surprise from my best friend. He gifted me a hello kitty teddy bear sharp at 12.00am as my favorite cartoon character is Hello Kitty. The calls and gifts from my friends and my family members is really the best event that had happened to me in my college days. As my birthday falls on Saturday I slept late that night after attending the calls from all my friends and family members.

The next morning, I woke up early as I promised to give a treat to all my friends who studying together with me in college. They are in a group of 10-12 members. We always spend time together as we are all in the same class. Around 11.00am we all took the campus bus to have our lunch at Pizza Hut. We all gathered at Pizza hut and started the order all the items to eat. Suddenly, i got a call from my brother’s friend. She is also studying in the same campus but as my senior. She forced me to meet her at opposite of the Pizza Hut. I also went there to meet her but there was another surprised for me from my family member’s. There was a lady holding a rose bouquet while she walks towards me and suddenly passed the bouquet to me stated that it was from my father, mother, sister and brother. I was too happy and thanked my brother’s friend for the wonderful surprise. I also called my family to express my happiness and thanks them. It was really a great surprise for me.

After receiving the bouquet i walk back to Pizza Hut to join back with all my friends...
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