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Tony Zheng
“Statistics tells us that an average teenager spends an average of 4 hours on his or hers cell phone per day” (The Toronto Star). If I can change one thing in the world, I would choose the day I bought a cell phone. Cell phones do not only distracts students from their daily learning, but they are extremely harmful to the human body, expensive, makes us lazy and creates distance between parents and kids.

Firstly, cell phones are a major distraction to students. Cell phones nowadays can do many amazing things, such as go on Twitter, Facebook and browse the web. This amazing feature on a tiny device plays a big role on distracting students from doing their homework or carrying on with daily activities. I carry my cell phone everywhere, to the washroom and sometimes I even sleep beside it. Sometimes I hear my phone going off in my head when it is not. Some times during school I may be distracted from school lecturers because I might be receiving a text message or checking a social networking application. With constant distractions to students like this, it will cause failure in school and may affect a student’s life forever. As much as people can benefit from using cell phones, a cell phone used by a teenager will have much more negatives then positives. Secondly, cell phones are expensive. No one wants a bad flip phone, everyone wants an Iphone. I want an Iphone. The newest Iphone, the Iphone 5S featuring its 4.8” display and its new finger print reorganization home button can range from 699-799 USD just for the device alone. This price is not something every average family is willing to pay. Another choice is to get it on contract, with it on contract this phone plan which can range from 55-70 USD per month. In conclusion this phone is very expensive either way. I remember when the Iphone 4 came out; most of my friends had one. I really wanted one but my mom told me that they...
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