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Topics: Symbolism, Beryl Markham, Universe Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: October 19, 2008
In both passage I and II, the narrator’s indicate the beauty of nature. In the first passage, Jay Parini points out his concern about the destruction of nature by mankind. In the other text, Beryl Markham describes the sanctuary and endless Serenghetti Plains. People around the globe need to be more appreciative and have a positive attitude toward nature because when it is gone we will be the ones that will feel its absence.

Parini’s poem “The trees are gone” is like a long complaint. He remembers when he was young the wonderful trees that surrounded him. Now that he looks back on it he sees that the beech in his yard has been cut down and the iron pillar of his mother’s garden. He is very upset with the changes that have occurred because what was a great part of his childhood has now been covered with blacktop.

In his poem, Parini uses lots of literary techniques to convey his ideas. One of the techniques used is symbolism which is used in “The dirt I dug in has been spread with blacktop: tar and oil.” By this quote the author symbolizes the grass representing nature which is trying to survive but being paved over. Another technique used in the poem is imagery. The author uses a lot of imagery through out the poem to show both good and bad of the beautiful nature but the terrible industrialization.

Passage II is a piece excerpted from West with the Night, by Beryl Markham. The narrator in this text gives a in depth description of her view from the plane that is flying over the Serenghetti Plains. She also talks about how the seasons have a large impact on the life cycle of animals that live in these plains. But what worries her the most is the reaction of these animals to the wild noise of the airplane that’s flying on top of them.

In this passage, Markham uses symbolism to represent her concern about nature. “There are no roads. There are no villages, no towns, no telegraph. There is nothing… except rocks and a few trees and the animals...
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