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Topics: Medical ethics, Crime, Victimless crime Pages: 3 (738 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Advantages of euthanasia
* This form of assisted suicide can act as  prevention to extreme suffering which people dying of a terminal illness such as late term cancer * Respects a person’s right to choose what they want to do with their life and how they want to end it * Saves the family money for expensive medical bills which simply only are there to relive the pain and treat the illness which in most cases is terminal regardless * The persons organs can be used for patients which desperately need transplants which means the person who wants to die can actually save a life before they do Disadvantages of euthanasia

* Some religious groups feel strongly against the issue arguing that life is sacred and that allowing suicide would devalue it * In some instances determining if a person really wants to end their life or not can be difficult, especially in cases where the patient has an effected conscious such as dementia * Conflicts with the Hippocratic oath that all doctors swear to uphold which  means they are not able to cause harm to any person * Mercy killing would lead to the 'slippery slope effect', which is when those who are unable to voice their desires, are put to death like the senile, or a baby or someone in a coma and so on. * -------------------------------------------------

It would cause decline in health care and cause victimization of the most vulnerable sections of society Advantages of legalizing marijuana
* Marijuana has been proven to reduce depressions and lessen anxiety in humans by a considerable degree * Less dangerous physically then other drugs which are being described in order to cure or help with the same conditions * Medical costs would be reduced greatly if people were allowed to grow it themselves * The economy would receive a boost from the legalization of it because a lot of people currently use it * The legalization of the drug will cause it to be taken off the black market and the...
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