English Essay

Topics: Sergeant, Man Pages: 2 (825 words) Published: May 13, 2012
English Essay
‘Finally the smoke cleared and I could see’ a tall muscular man, he appeared to have a faint scar resting on his right cheek. His hair was dark and cut short. Dark boots which looked like they have braved many storms were securely tied at his feet. A camouflaged uniform clung to his body. He held a water canteen in his hand. This man’s name was of course Sergeant Blume. The Sergeant was a intelligent, passionate and brave type of character. Nobody doubted his compassion for his country. The sun was directly overhead without the faintest breeze to soothe our skin. We could see the water glisten inside the canteen and our throats ached for it. I looked around noticing my refreshment was a few metres away. Knowing that I could not move without authorisation from the Sgt I cursed our enemy. We had been crawling through the sand for a few days now, we are close to our destination at least I hope we are. We stopped for a break, Sgt Blume sat down with a thud he took out an old handkerchief and wiped the sweat from his face and the dirt from his eyes. Slowly he opened the water canteen, we all watched as the water brushed past his lips, the satisfaction on his face could not be hidden. As he closed the canteen and stood up something flashed across the horizon, seconds later * BOOM A shell landed in the sand sending splinters everywhere uprooting rotten corpses. Dismembered bodies lobbed in the air. The Sergeants roars echoed in my ears over and over again as my heart thumped ‘Positions they’re back’. It was hard to hear anything the bomb had deafened me for a few minutes, I looked to my left the man that had been sitting beside me was dead, his face looked peaceful compared to the onslaught that was coming towards us. As I turned to look to...
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