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Doctoral Dissertation Proposal

English Education
at the
College Level in Korea & Nepal

By Yam Bahadur Khatri

Academic Ph.D. Dissertation Programme Division
Department of the English Education & Literature of Liberal Arts Sejong University, Seoul, South Korea

March 2014

Dear Sir/Madam
This questionnaire is a part of my research study entitled "English Education at the College Level in Korea, & Nepal" under the supervision of Professor Dr. Kim Sun Bok , Department of English Education, Faculty of Education, ... ... ... .University, Nepal/Korea. The major objectives of this study are to find out the techniques adopted by English teacher while Research on English Education at the College Level, to experience the opinion of the teachers towards the TEL and to suggest some feedback implication. Your cooperation in completing the questionnaire will be of great value to me. Please feel free to put your responses required in questionnaire. I assure you that the response you make will have no harmful effects but useful, and carry out valuable meaning to you as well as others.

Yam Bahadur Khatri
Teachers' Name : Date :
Name of School : Gender:
Number of Students:
Teachers' Experience:

Questionnaire for ELT Teachers
1.How do you prepare yourself for conducting English Education ?
____________________________________________________________ 2.Why do you teach Education in English Language in the classroom ?
____________________________________________________________ 3.How do you arouse students interest in taking part in ELC at College ?
____________________________________________________________ 4. What type of techniques do you prefer to take in ELC at College Level ?
____________________________________________________________ 5. Which aspect of English Education do you think more important in Class ? Give reason.
a. grammar b. pronunciation g. None of them
c. fluency d. content h. Education policy
e. organization f. vocabulary
____________________________________________________________ 6. Which of the following level of English Education do you choose ?
a. sound discrimination b. comprehension of connected speech 7.Which of the following sound discrimination do you feel easy to EL ?
a. stress b. intonation
8.Which of the following techniques do you prefer to use in English Class ?
a. reading aloud b. picture description
c. oral interview d. free talking
e. interaction with fellow candidates
9.Are your students really interested in participating English Education in Class ?
a. Yes b. No
If No, what may be the reason behind it ?

10.Which of the following format do you prefer in English Education Class at College Level ?
a. pictures b. describing people's appearance
c. multiple choice
d. listening to the instructions to check the language skills of students 11.What type of visual material do you use to ELT skill in the classroom ?
____________________________________________________________ 12.How often do you use the following techniques activities for the students. S.N.

Once a week
Reading aloud

Picture description

Oral interview

Free talking


Interaction with fellow candidates

Responses to audio or video recording

13.How did they feel answering the question asked to them ?
a. Nervous b. Confident
If nervous please mention the problem.
____________________________________________________________ 14.What type of questions do you ask ?
a. Closed b. Opened c. Alternatives
15.How was the behaviour of students while taking part in taking your class ?
a. Active b. Passive
16.Which techniques did you find easy ? Why ?
a. Loud...
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