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Topics: World War II, Photography, New York Herald Tribune Pages: 2 (401 words) Published: May 19, 2013
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The three out of these eight women who came to the front and in that Library of Congress Exhibition on Women in World War 2, each one did different things what were so common to each one. But each one did their own thing during the World War 2 and was successful these three did what they can in the war. Toni Frissell remembered today as principally for high-fashion photography for Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, She volunteered her photographic services to the American Red Cross, Women Army Corps, and Eighth Army Air Force during World War 2. She took thousands of pictures of nurses, front-line soldiers, WACs, African-American airmen, and orphaned children. Therese Bonney a photographer who took picture of images of homeless children and adults on the back roads of Europe touched millions of viewers in the United Stated and abroad. Not content with publishing solely in mass-circulation newspapers and magazines, Bonney sought other opportunities to present her work. Janet Flanner a master of the printed word, Flanner was less in her element when she crossed the line into broadcast journalism. The need to pursue stories aggressively to justify precious airtime was unsettling to a writer accustomed to mulling over the "big picture." The ten-minute weekly broadcasts from locations throughout Europe filled Flanner with such anxiety that she relinquished her radio assignment with relief at the end of the war. All these women stood out into the war to overcome the truth and reality of the war. All the women were chosen because of their strength and the variety of collections they provided to the library of congress. Comparing and contrasting them we firstly have Toni Frissell; she was a photographer who provided high-fashioned photographs to the Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. During the world war she provided photography to the American Red Cross, Women Reference:

Berenice Abbott, [Janet Flanner in Paris], 1927Janet Flanner Collection,Prints and...
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