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Lili Montoya
Mrs. Smith
16 May 2014

Fantasy Genre Essay
Imagine living in a world that defys the laws of physics, filled with mythical creatures and beings. The fantasy genre has been a favourite for many years and has grown in popularity an immense amount over the past decade. Within the fantasy novel, Evermore by Alyson Noel a girl named Ever loses her family in a tragic car accident. When she awakes in the hospital, she notices that she now hs psychic abilities and can see people's energies as well as talk to her dead sister. Ever can not seem to quiet all the constant voices and chatter in her head from everyone around her, until she meets Damen. There is something odd about Damen besides the fact that he quiets all the voices in Ever's head. Through investigation of the plot, characters and overall theme it is evident that Evermore is a conventional fantasy novel.

Throughout the plot there are many instances where Alyson Noel brings fantasy genre elements into her writing. First, fantasy is characterized by supernatural elements in the construction of the plot or the configuration of characters (Gaydosik). In the story, a girl named Ever endures a traumatic event that changes her life forever. She loses her family in a car accident that leaves her in the hospital. When she wakes up in the hospital, she notices that everyone around her has an aura, that every live being has swirls of colours emanating from their body. Before the accident she did not know they existed and definitely could not see them. "But from the moment I woke in the hospital, I noticed colour everywhere...And by the time I started hearing thoughts, getting life stories by touch, and enjoying regular visits from my dead sister, Riley, I knew better than to share" (Noel 11-12). Ever wakes up in the hospital with new abilities. Throughout the story Ever has to learn to deal with her new abilities and has to learn to adjust to her new life without her sister and parents. Second, in addition to heroes, villains within the fantasy genre are highly important as their roles often play a key role in the story and the development of the plot (Trommetter). Near the end of the novel, Ever discovers that Drina, an immortal is plotting to kill her. Drina is Damen's ex-girlfriend and has become irritated with Ever's interference with her relationship with Damen. Due to this irritation Drina attacks Ever with intentions of killing her, she says "'You see, Damen is mine. And he's always been mine. But unfortunately, you keep showing up, in your stupid, boring, repetitive soul recycle. And since you insist on doing that, it's become my job to track you down and kill you each time' [Drina states]" (Noel 241). Drina is another immortal being like Damen. Drina is infatuated with Damen and always has been. Drina strives to kill Ever as he has in every re-incarnation to keep Damen all to herself. Drina be-friends Ever's friends to discreetly enter Ever's life. Throughout the plot, Drina gets closer to achieving her goal of killing Ever. Evermore contains elements of the fantasy genre within the development of the plot.

The characters within a fantasy novel are usually mythical beings and the story depends on the strangeness of characters. To begin, the development of a fantasy novel's characters greatly depends on the effect of the strangeness of characters ("Fantasy"). Damen begins to spend more time with Ever and her friends since he is the new kid at school. Ever notices things about Damen that are not ordinary. "But before [the water bottle] even hit the table, Damen's already caught it and returned it to me...[I'm] wondering if I'm the only one who noticed how he moved so fast he actually blurred" (Noel 30). Damen is the new boy at school who seems to have come out of nowhere. No one besides Ever seems to notice all his strange quirks because everyone only notices his perfect complexion. Ever strives to find out what secrets Damen could possibly...
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