English Creative writing story
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The intensity of his eyes, not only frightened my but it told me a story. He’s as were as fierce as a lion. I remembered his eyes. They showed fear, anger, hurt, strength, and love. He stood over me as to protect me like if I were a princess, worthy of admiration. I sat at the edge of the dock staring in to the deep dark blue waters. As I stared past the water aimlessly, it began to soothe away my anxiety away. I didn’t realize it but I was falling slowly into the water. As I was at my last second before I hit the water and the last thing I saw was his eyes.
Uhhhhh…… I abruptly jumped out of bed waking from that strange dream. My alarm clock flashed 3:47, but I was to shaken up to go back to sleep. Instead I jumped up to go shower to hopefully wash away the memories of the horrible dream. The shower not only temporally made me forget and relax but it also made me intensely remember those eyes. They became so vivid in my mind. I didn’t mind I was just so confused. What did the eyes mean? I got out the shower and it was 4:45. It was time for me to get ready for school. Let me tell you something about me. My name is Jazlynn Moore; I’m a Dominican raised child and the age of 16. I go to university high school in Florida and ………… I’m a vampire.
I was so hungry I could eat a whole cow. I went downstairs hoping for my mom’s home cooked breakfast, but again she wasn’t here. She was like a ghost, one minute she was here and the next minute she’s gone, but it’s okay I learned how to fend for myself. My dad died when I was 3, so it’s just me and mom. My mom is always at work. As always, I went to the refrigerator grabbed a bag of blood and the milk. I poured the blood into my cup and the milk into a bowl of my favorite cereal; “Lucky Charms”. As I finished my breakfast I went upstairs to get dressed.
*As I walked out into the bitter December air my face suddenly froze over. The blustery weather had my eyelids frozen solid. I had to go back inside to change in order

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