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English Conversation

By MeKitty Apr 28, 2014 319 Words
A: HI, how are you?
B: fine thanks, what about you?
A: I’m fine too.
B: I want to invite you to this party on Saturday night
A: I might be at home that night, I could go. To what time?
B: it's at 8:00 pm
A: ok, let me schedule it (watching the phone), oh my God! I just remember I have to baby-sit my cousin that night, that's why I will stay at home , I'm so sorry , I didn't remember it. B: Oh no worries! I can invite some other friends for don't go alone, but it's a pity that you couldn't come. A: oh by the way do you want to come to my meeting with friends the next weekend? It will be at home. B: I have heard about it! Charlie told me, he was invited to a meeting on your house, Also David he said he had been invited to your house. A: really? I also invited to sue, she said she couldn’t come because she had the flu, and when I invited to Michael, he said he would travel this weekend. B: oh it's sad that they won't assist.

A: yes it is.
B: uh by the way...I have a doubt about some situation...what would you do if your boyfriend cheat on you? A: I think I would talk to him, and probably end the relationship B: oh I think my best friend's boyfriend is cheating on her. A: you should tell her, but try not to say it tough and don't tell it so directly, maybe find proofs first. B: OK, I think I'll do that. Thanks anyways.

A: you’re welcome.
B: oh well, I got to go home now, it’s my little sister's party and I have to help and be there. A: ok, see you next weekend.
B: of course, see you there.
A: bye.

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