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Topics: City, Rural area, Ecology Pages: 3 (633 words) Published: June 22, 2014
Name: Arlynn Huah Yee Chiann Student’s Number: SC-PNG-0000013025 Final Draft
City life is better than rural life because everything you need to buy is within a short distance from you, close to major airports and you do not need to worry about bears. Some people think that rural life is better than city life because of rural life has fresh air and quiet surroundings. But they didn’t think that city life is more convenient than rural life because in city, the transports are more convenient. In my opinion, I prefer to live in a city rather than to live in a rural life. First, city life is better than rural life because everything you need to buy is within a short distance from you. That is because there are a lot of facilities such as supermarkets and many different types of shops. You can find and buy what you need or whenever you need it. In addition to that, the city provides all the people with other facilities that they need such as schools and hospitals which are vital and important for the community. But if you live in rural area, there will not be so convenient compared to the people that live in the city area. For example, when you want to go to schools and hospitals or other facilities, you need to have half an hour or above to reach there if you live in rural life due to lack of conveniences. Second, city life is better than rural life because it is close to major airports. That is because city is the most glorious and flourishing. Most of the people that travel oversea are the most of people who live in the city. So that people who built airports chose to build the airports in the city. In opposite, rural area is not suitable to build the airports, because there need a large of space to build the airports. But in rural, the large of space already planted with the paddy field, so there is not enough place to build the airports. And the most important reason is because the people who live in rural area are not always travel oversea. So...

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