English Colonies, North and South (1993 Dbq)

Topics: Colonialism, New England / Pages: 2 (458 words) / Published: Apr 15th, 2012
In the mid-1600’s, New England and the Chesapeake region first started to colonize. Both had the same goals and hopes for the New World. Their goals were freedom, money, and power. They encountered many difficulties trying to achieve these goals including Indians, unfarmed land and unfamiliar weather. Each colony began building and working toward their goal. The differences between the colonies started to form soon after they were settled. According to the ship’s list of emigrant bound for Virginia there were very few women. Without women the men weren’t motivated to work, and many men died. Since the men didn’t feel like the colony was stable, they started to have relationships with Indian women. This made what little Virginian women there were, receive more power. However, in New England families were colonizing which gave them reason to work and civilize their own surroundings. The women factor made the difference between the two regions more obvious. The geography of the land was also vastly different in each region requiring different sources of food. The south learned to depend on their farm crops such as rice and tobacco. Plantations were a big part of their colonization which soon led to slavery. Slavery was much more common in the south. The north traded livestock and furs with the Indians. This was one of the benefits of the relationships they had with them. They also ate apple, corn, pumpkins and other crops. Another way the colonies were different was their beliefs. The north settled into communities bound by the church. Springfield, Massachusetts was the main resource in deciding which god they would follow. Some of their beliefs involved, making sure there was a rich and poor class, everyone would have a place to live as they felt would be fit for them, and everyone would share the meadow or planting ground. The rules seemed much gentler then the New England. In the New England region, the community was much more brutal. When Captain John

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