English Colonies’ Distinct Developments -Chesapeake and New England

Topics: Thirteen Colonies, Plymouth Colony, Rhode Island Pages: 3 (958 words) Published: December 18, 2012
English Colonies’ Distinct Developments
-Chesapeake and New England
The two pioneer colonies in the late 16th century into the 17th century were Chesapeake regions and New England areas, and were founded by numerous colonial groups from European nations in nearly the same time period. However, the two colonial areas were separate and diverse from the very beginnings. On account of divergences in politics, society, culture and economy, the developments of Chesapeake regions and New England areas were unique and distinct. Chesapeake colonial regions included the domain of Virginia and Maryland. Some major differences in politics could be found as the evidences of the distinct developments. Settlers colonized Chesapeake with the intent to seek gold, silver, a northwest shortcut to Asia, a cure for syphilis, or any other valuables they might bring back to Europe. Jamestown, Virginia was the first colony of the Chesapeake regions. Jamestown was founded by John Smith, the governor of Virginia Company, in 1606. Smith prevented the colony from collapsing by ruling it like a dictator, but he wasn't a long-time leader. When Smith returned to Europe, his authority was taken over by Virginia Company. During the later part of the 1600s, the conflict between Indians and planter was aggravated. The influence of irrational tax laws, Navigation Acts and the rejection of penalizing the Indians who assaulted the plantation by Berkeley caused the well-known rebellion - Bacon’s Rebellion. The failure of the rebellion stifled development of Chesapeake regions. New England was in the north of Chesapeake, composed of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Maine; founded by Separatists from the Church of England and Puritans who sought to reform the Church of England. New England colonial areas were not alike Chesapeake in politics. The colonies of New England areas didn’t aim at seeking treasure that could be brought back, but establishing thriving religious communities....
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