English Class Reflection Paper

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One thing that particularly bothered me about writing throughout school, was that I never felt that I significantly improved my writing as result of an English class, the classes I took felt very cookie cutter: I mean read a book, answer some questions and write an essay, and then there were projects like write research paper and analyze this book. I mean classes taught grammar, essay structure, literature and that’s about it. I was never taught how to write a thrilling essay with new and original thoughts. It was more like a continuation of practice, that yielded little results and meanwhile in comparison I learned many useful lessons in my math and science classes. Writing was only a necessary skill for school, so I can succeed in my classes and use stand out in applications that require writing. That sums up my feelings about writing...

One fatal flaw I previously had in my writing process was that I tried to write the near final draft the first time, it was a slow and tedious process, that made my despise writing. The tool I used to overcome this is freewriting- being able to just throw out hundreds of words in short amount of time with ease is such a relief when it comes to write an assignment like these. Plenty of my free write words don't ever make into my final paper, but just free writing with no limitations is actually fun. I recall how enjoyable it was to write for the genre paper. The genre paper did it feel like work and I managed to create many great ideas. Freewriting is also useful because the lack of limitations make creating various ideas very easy that is with focus. Which brings me to a bit of advice I should give myself: before I begin to work on a large writing assignment I need to free write to not only clear my mind, but also prepare myself for writing and I really need to follow the idea of transitioning from a caterpillar to a cocoon and finally a...
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