English Class Reflection

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English class is the place where you will learn what you need to know for any job. English class has taught me creativity, grammar, vocabulary, and an immense amount more. I have learned so much that I will need later in life. If I were to become a lawer, I would have to write briefs. This is just one of an abundant quantity of pursuits that will require skills learned in English class. English engages me most through creative writing. I vastly enjoy pursuing my love of creative writing, and consider myself good at it. As an English student, I stand out as a qualified and intrigued creative writer. My favorite day in English class, so far, was the day in eighth grade when Ms. Maslanka told us we would do a creative writing prompt every week. …show more content…
As I have said before, creative writing is near the center of my life. I feel like storytelling will always be a part of me. This is a large reason why English is a very important class to me. If I do well in English class, and strive for greatness, I will be able to continue my creative writing skills on a larger level. Reading comprehension naturally goes along with creative writing. I have always been good at reading between the lines. I recently noticed that in all of my writing pieces I have put in motives, metaphors, simlies, and more literary devices I had never noticed before. Later in my academic career I would like to learn more of the figurative meanings of stories. My most profound memory in English class was when I read out loud my first successful creative writing prompt in seventh grade. I had set a very dark mood and had perfected the first person present tense. I had mastered the first person to such an extent that I could see the people in the audience feeling what the main character was feeling. This story had no dialouge, which cast even greater a spell on the page. Our English teacher had never really like me until I read that story, but after I read it I felt like she liked me

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