English Class Reflection

Topics: Writing, English language, Paper Pages: 3 (1252 words) Published: February 2, 2014
Having been accustomed to the British education system throughout the course of my school life thus far, English Language was a subject I took most pride in, being one of the few students in my class who could fluently speak and understand the language. My mother, born and raised in England, had made clear to her children from the start that regardless of the company we keep and schools we attend, English was to be our first language of the household and proficiency in the area was unquestionable. Luckily for me, I had the privilege of attending one of the best private schools in the city and was surrounded by a number of like-minded students who had grown up with the same principals and rules as I had in this regard. The English Language class, therefor, had become an avenue for competition amongst my peers and I, each constantly trying to impress the teacher with our writing skills, and hoping to outshine the others. After having successfully achieved an A+ in the final English Language board exam, a sense of supremacy, almost arrogance, came over me and I began to believe I could tackle any situation where my writing skills were put to test. Little did I know! Starting college in America and switching from the British System to the American one, I was informed about a mandatory college writing class that I, along with all incoming students, would have to enroll in. My earlier supremacy and arrogance deluded me and led me to believe that I would fly through the course with little effort. I enrolled into the College Writing 112 class. As the first day of the semester commenced and the rigor of the curriculum begin to take effect, being a Political Science major, I looked forward to my afternoon English Writing class, hoping it would be a tension reliever after the hectic morning I had had. Towards the end of the lecture, however, my domineering attitude towards the class dissolved and turned to dust as I realized this class would keep me on my toes throughout...
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