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Topics: Village, Tradition, Understanding Pages: 3 (1138 words) Published: May 31, 2014

Tradition is strongly portrayed throughout my film, “Chocolat”. The theme of tradition is instantly explored in the opening scene through various techniques and devices I have employed. This scene immediately reveals the essence of the town and clearly expresses the strong tradition of Lansquenet as well as Vianne and Anouk’s, and how different they are to one another.

The opening scene reveals the atmosphere of the town as it begins with the presence of mist followed by an establishing shot of the village. The mist before the revealing of the town, is symbolic of having something to hide, evoking a sense of secrecy and mystery. The bird’s eye view also allows the audience to be able to see the small magnitude of the town, and it’s isolation and seclusion from other villages. The blue filter over the whole shot creates a dark, mysterious atmosphere, supporting the mist in suggesting that the town is not as it may seem, as well as the overall negativity each member of the town feels, as each has a hidden complication that cannot be openly discussed about. This is due to the strict and private lives the townspeople lead, as a result of the fear of being rejected and disapproved by members of the village. Members of the town also strongly valued their reputation, so standing out and being different was a problematic issue. This traditional and conventional lifestyle of the townspeople being aware of their reputation is further expressed by Anouk’s voiceover when she explains that, “If you lived in this village you understood what was expected of you.” By adding these techniques and devices I have been able to contrast between the two; the people who live in Lansquenet and Vianne and Anouk.

In Lansquenet, attending church was a major tradition and it was expected of you to attend. The church bells at the very beginning of the film portray how traditional and old-fashioned the town is, as well as the importance of church and...
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