English Belonging Story

Topics: Papua New Guinea, New Guinea, Indonesia Pages: 1 (381 words) Published: October 13, 2012
It’s kind of funny to think that I’ve spent my last 3 years of education at a school where I was the only white kid. You see I felt like I belonged and never once felt like an outcast, but I stand at the gates of my new school in a new country, promising a safer lifestyle and a higher level of education and I’ve never felt so detached and nervous in my life. The funny part about that is my new school is quite multicultural but I’m definitely not the only white student attending yet I felt I belonged more in my old school where every student’s homeland was Papua New Guinea, which would make you think I’d be an outsider. I was born in Australia but grew up in Tokua, Papua New Guinea, where my father owned his business. Because my father was so highly respected, all the villagers treated me like their own and all the children went out of their way to ensure I was included. But standing here at the gates of Summer Bay Public makes me realise how lucky I really was to have such a caring community as not one person has welcomed me, smiled at me or even slightly made eye contact with me. “Indigo Reilly, welcome to Summer Bay, you don’t mind if I call you that right? Or do you prefer Indy?” A tall, skeletal framed lady walked towards me. Her hair was tidily swept behind her ears and her blue eyes sparkled in the sun as they surveyed my appearance. “I don’t really mind, I guess Indy is fine thanks.” The first thing I notice about people is their shoes. Mum always told me, you can always tell what kind of person someone is by their shoes. This lady’s shoes were classy but you could tell they were overworn and needed a bit of a holiday. “My name’s Miss. Cooke and I’m going to be your new teacher here, now follow me, I would love to introduce you to your new class.” As I walk into the dimly lit classroom I analyse all the students seated at each desk. There’s a fiery red-headed girl, a bright blonde haired girl with freckles, an African-American girl with piggy...
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