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Topics: Nutrition, Flavor, Food Pages: 1 (188 words) Published: December 3, 2014

Food is most important factor in keeping us alive and make sure we are healthy. Nowadays, people prefer to eat canned foods instead of fresh food. The first difference is the cost that involve in buying the canned food which is more expensive than fresh food and it is a waste of money because the food is not healthy. Therefore, fresh food is cheaper than canned food. Although, canned food offer many new flavors but people enjoy the fresh food better. There is no addition of chemical in fresh food while in canned food, the chemical is added to keep the flavor in canned foods but sometimes they also contain some chemical which are dangerous for our health. On the other hand, fresh food contain higher amount of nutrients that our body need to be healthy. However, most of nutrient in canned foods are lost during process of manufacturing. Obviously, fresh food is better than canned food because it is more healthy and cheap. We also keep our body healthy and save our money if we choose fresh food.
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