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English as Universal Medium of Communication

By valientviji Sep 28, 2012 1032 Words
Introduction:English is a universal language. A lingua franca for the most parts of the globe. English has undergone a fascinating change over the centuries. An undercurrent of change in language has been visible to philologists and discerning users of language like you and me. English established itself as a pre-eminent language in the world. English is a heterogeneous language. English is a global language.It is widely spread and spoken by many people across the world. It is used as a medium of communication. It is particularly true of India where it is used as a language for both intranational and international communication. The demand for English has been sweeping almost of all the fields of national life like Politics, International Relations, Media, Communication, Travel and Education. The learning and knowledge of English language has benefited our country men and the country in many ways. Now English has attained the status of the premier International language with access of communication to almost all the parts of the Globe. As such the importance of English language increased manifold. It is for us to derive the optimum advantage from our close association with a sort of mastery over the language discarding the prejudices and parochialism, which already made in-roads into our commanding position over the language.

English has now become a universal medium of communication. Learning English has rather become imperative on the Indians, today. Our First Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru dignified English as the window to the outside world. The times have changed and the English language now is our gateway to the world. Although it is a foreign language, it is more friendly than foreign, and has come to stay in our country.

Some interesting facts about English Language:

· Nearly 450 million people of world understand and speak English · It is the language of aviation and traffic signals · English is the language of international politics, trade,commerce, and industry · It is one of the six official languages of the UNO · It is also the link language of Common Wealth Countries · One out of the ten persons in the world knows English · More than 50% of world’s Newspapers, 75% of the world’s Mail, 60% of Radio and T.V broadcasting, 50% of the world’s Scientific and Technological periodicals use English as the medium of expression.

In today’s world wherever we go we find English language prevalent. Whether in form of shops names, advertisements, notices on buses or trains, it is seen everywhere.English plays a vital role in everyone’s life. It has become a common means of communication in every sector whether it is business or entertainment or any other professional filed. Everywhere it has become a necessity.

Ours is an age of changes and challenge. Every morning when the Sun dawns on us, it whips into human world a challengethat all of us are goaded into a pursuance of. Every change is indeed a challenge and every challenge triggers another change. In fact, it has become almost inevitable to live and meet the changes and challenges that crop up in front of us like a propped morning newspaper. Competition has increased to an alarming degree. For a successful life in any sphere of activity, English is of primary importance. We live in a fast moving business world. If we fail to keep face with the progressive activities of the world, we will be left far behind by our own far-sighted and dynamic colleagues and companions.

English is now being used for a variety of needs-- as a library language, as a link language, as a medium for higher levels of education and as official language. Access to new knowledge is possible only through English. For international Communication, as the whole world is heading towards the formation of a global village. As the English language has now come to be accepted as a global language, it is indispensible for all countries to learn English. It is much more true in a multi-lingual country like India.

As the world is marching towards Globalization, every individual is compelled to learn this Global language. “The knowledge of English Language” is believed to be a passport to high learning. In the present day society, English is no more a special privilege in certain domains. Infact it is a powerful weapon to accomplish one’s academic or economic goals. Especially in India, English has become an official language. It has become important for us to know, write and speak fluently, the language. English has become a compulsory subject in schools, colleges, and institutes. This language connects people throughout the country.

English language, an international medium the world over , has come to penetrateevery sphere of life – social, political , economic , international relations and commerce and business. In a word, it is an aspect of learning deserving attention from all. It is no exaggeration to say that English has occupied a prominent place in all most of all the countries in the world.Of late, every one of us is aware of the significance of English in the everyday affairs of the modern world and the immense use of this language.

With the advent of Information Technology age, English language is undergoing a see change. So also the modern managerial concepts have transformed communication in English. Realizing its value and importance, the demand for English is growing day by day in our modern India. As Prof. HumayunKabir said, “Each nation must learn to move outside its own narrow orbit and establish channels of Communication with others.

There is perhaps in the present world no better means of such communicationthan English”.English education is the gateway for jobs to many Indians today. The world has become a global village and English is necessary for mobility, social and economic growth in the world.

English language is the easy means of communication in the international arena of life. It is the only language which can be easily understood in different parts of the world. It is an important foreign language that has attained the status of link language in various countries in the world. It’s richness, flexibility, elegance and dignity seems to have made it universally popular.

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