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Gender Roles Then vs. Now
Sexism damages men as well as woman, both genders are pressured to fit into narrow, self-contradictory gender roles. People who care about feminism ought to care about how sexist gender roles hurt men; partly because we’re human beings, with a sense of justice and compassion for one another regardless of gender. The so called “roles” have changed very much from the traditional ones to today’s generation. explained a situation in Doyin Richard on the other hand posted a picture on the internet going viral. He was doing a so called “mother’s job” getting inappropriate and unnecessary responses over the picture of himself holding one of his daughters while brushing his other daughter’s hair. In Adair Lara’s essay Who’s Cheap she observes a date she had, and compares the man and woman roles. Traditionally the male role was seen as the dominant one who brings home the money home. As for a woman her role is the quiet housewife who cooks, cleans, and takes care of the children. Times have changed and traditional roles no longer apply to the generation of today. Woman are being more independent, and males are starting to be stay at home dads. It seems that the traditional male and female roles have switched with time.

The dominance of a traditional male has allowed men to be in control, but it has caused them to have expectations of a macho and tough man. This role still carries over to today’s generation. The male role still requires them to be a protector which means he looks out for his partner. Women in today’s generation are starting to take on more male roles. More women are Clark 2

becoming police officers, and serving in the military breaking away from traditional roles of a female. Traditionally, only males were socially accepted to have careers like those. More women now have stopped relying on men for protection. Jeff Z. Klein states in his essay how his girlfriend can stand on her own two feet and doesn’t need him to look out for her. Jeff’s girlfriend seems to be the one who is the protector, because when almost getting into a fight his girlfriend is the one who speaks up. In Klein’s situation the man of the relationship should have spoken up. In a traditional sense men are the protectors, but as times change we see that women are more than capable of fending for themselves. “I Know this might sound weird , but do you know how attractive it is that you can do this?” (58) women no longer are expected to rely on a man for protection. Being able to stand on your own, and being independent is seen as an attractive trait in today’s generation.

Roles of man and a women will always be directed by gender of course. Traditionally, women were limited in their roles being good for only raising children, taking care of the house while the male was at work. Expectations of each gender will continue to change with time. Modern day women have stopped this stereotype that they belong in the kitchen. Women in this day and age have become more independent, and some being more successful than males their age. The traditional role of a man has not totally vanished some still go with the old ways. It is still very common for a man to go and provide for his family and bring home the “bacon”. Some women still are the traditional stay at home mom taking care of the children, and looking after the house.

Stay at home dads are starting to become a popular thing with more women going to school to better themselves. Being a stay at home dad is becoming a more realistic option in Clark 3
today’s generation. A good example of a stay at home dad is a picture of a father and his two little girls going “viral, with some commenters making assumptions about him and his girls” (Peppers 1). Doyin Richards the father of the little girls has been receiving both positive and negative feedback on his picture. In stead of commenting mean things back Richards quotes the famous Martin Luther King Jr, and says “ I have a...

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