Topics: Thought, Mind, Conflict Pages: 2 (1043 words) Published: October 4, 2014
1. Conflict of conscience can be just as difficult as conflict between people. (VCAA 2013 Exam)

I have written this piece in order to demonstrate that inner conflict is often underestimated and the wars that are within some individuals can be much worse than physical or external conflict between people. We interact with people on a daily basis that may seem in good shape on the outside but are dealing with an immense hostility within them. This concept is portrayed in The Quiet American where Fowler is deliberating privately whether or not to give the go ahead for Pyle essentially to be assassinated. The conflict between Fowler and Pyle seems contained but the contemplation inside Fowlers head is far more serious. The book “My sisters keeper” by Jodie Picoult was another motive for this piece as it highlights the discord between a family who’s second daughter refuses to continue donating parts of her body in order to save the eldest daughter whom is dying of cancer. The emotional and psychological conflict experienced by everyone in the book highlights that behind a strong demeanor there are often immense interpersonal battles being fought. Hoping to bring to readers attention that everyone is dealing with some sort of dissension that we probably don’t know about and thus should always consider how our actions could cause others to feel and react; realizing that one hurtful deed could be the tip of the iceberg for some; leading to things far greater than we could’ve imagined.

Lying against the same old damp pillow, my cheeks tight and salty from the desolate tears that form part of my nightly routine. My head hurts and I can feel the rings under my eyes grow darker as the hours of the night tick away. I like this time of evening, not having to smile and pretend that everything is okay, meaningless conversation with people who pretend to be interested in what you have to say. The cool air that runs underneath the window brushes against my skin and the...
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