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Year 11 Text Response SAC
How does Haddon allow us to make sense of Christopher’s distorted view of the world around him in “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.”

The world around us can be viewed in many different ways depending on various factors. The way that Haddon constructs the novel allows us to understand the unique and logical way Christopher views the world due to his condition. In the novel “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time”, author Mark Haddon uses many different writing methods and techniques to allow us to gain a greater understanding of a life of a teenager named Christopher Boone who suffers with Aspergers. The many different writing methods Haddon uses leads us to understand the way in which Christopher views the world, which we soon learn is very unique and different than most people.

Throughout the novel, Haddon uses many diagrams and pictures to allow us to gain a deeper and more thorough understanding of Christopher’s thoughts and how he interprets the world. Haddon’s use of basic diagrams of emotions suggests Christopher’s lacking ability to understand and connect to the emotions shown by others, only being able to understand the basic emotions such as “happy” and “sad” “because people’s faces move very quickly”. Also, by using illustrations of maps throughout the novel, Haddon deepens into Christopher’s condition and exposes the readers to some of his “behavioural problems”, one of which being Christopher’s strong dislike to new places and his need to, in detail, understand his surroundings. When Christopher arrives at his mother’s house after travelling to London, he takes time to walk around her apartment and create a mental map of her apartment (which he then draws into his “mystery novel”) to familiarise himself to his surroundings. By doing this Christopher feels much safer and calmer when staying with his mother. Therefore, the uses of illustrations allow us to interpret Christopher’s view of...
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