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Smoking Should Be Ban in Public Spaces
In today’s society smoking is a major issue with many people in Australia smoking. The issue of smoking has had an effect on passive smokers and the environment. It should be banned in public places to prevent the community from being harmed and the environment being impacted. According to World Health Organisation (2014) there are over 40% of kids in the world’s population who are passive smokers to their parents from breathing in the toxic fumes in the cigarette.
Why it should be ban:
Passive Smokers: People who smoke cigarettes in public spaces aren’t aware that people who are aren’t smoking in the public spaces are passive smokers. According to Better Health Channel (2014) passive smoking is breathing in smokers’ tobacco smoke that has been exhaled by them. Passive smoking is known to increase the risk of asthma, lung cancer, heart disease and sudden infant death syndrome, SIDS. EPA (2013) estimates that 3,000 people die of lung cancer and 37,000 deaths of heart disease is caused by second hand smoke to non-smokers each year. If smokers continue to smoke in public spaces the community members will be affected from the passive smoking. People should be able to visit public spaces without needing to worry about being a passive smoker therefore smoking shouldn’t be allowed in public spaces. Infants, kids, teenagers, adults and elderly visit public spaces and shouldn’t be harmed by the toxic fumes that smokers decide to smoke. According to (2014) there are 32 million cigarettes smoked each year in Australia. (2014) states that in an individual cigarette it has approximately 4000 chemicals and 1.7 per cent of them are known to cause cancer to the body. The percentage might not seem that high but cancer is a serious topic. The passive smokers that are walking past these harmful substances also have a risk of getting cancers such as lung and leukaemia and pregnant passive smokers have a risk of birth defects.
Environment: Smoking should be ban in public places because of the effects it has on the environment. According to (2014) each time a cigarette is smoked the smoke is going to pollute the air and cause pollution from the chemical inside of the cigarettes. Cigarettes should be ban in public places because of the pollution its done to the air if you want to smoke you should smoke at your own house so you aren’t causing harm to the environment. It is also evident through (2014) cigarettes also have a large impact on litter because 7 million cigarettes butts are not disposed correctly in Australia each year. If smoking does become ban in public places not so many cigarette butts will be causing environmental issues in Australia.

Why it shouldn’t be ban
According to Stephen Hall – A liberal (2005) believes that governments shouldn’t invade someone’s personal life and their lifestyle choices of smoking. Yoonha H, (2012) states that people choice to smoke and it’s their life choices to smoke. They are ones purchasing the tobacco which is their addiction. It’s no different to addiction to coffee, alcohol and food. Tax is also involved with smoking which is included in the cigarette price.
People also have the right to make their own choices, smoking is their choice and they are doing damange to their body.
Conclusion why it shouldn’t be ban
People have addictions



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