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Discipline at Schools
One of the most pressing issues in education is discipline at schools. School discipline and behavior management are issues that every school administrator or teacher deals with on a daily basis. We examine discipline at school and the best practices in this section. Bullying in Schools

Bullying in Schools - Bullying in schools is one of the biggest educational issues that school administrators, teachers, students, and parents deal with today. It is an epidemic that has caught America’s eye primarily due to the high number of teenage suicides that have been traced back to bullying. Bullying has always been a problem, but within the last decade the problem has exploded due in large part to cyber bullying which has enabled kids to be bullied outside of normal school hours with minimal way to monitor it. Classroom Discipline & Rules

Every teacher must enter the classroom armed with comprehensive and well-though-out rules in order to have an orderly and effective school year. Here's everything you need to know to strategically design the classroom rules that will work for you all year long. Ads

Discipline In Education
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Classroom Discipline Decisions
Classroom Discipline Decisions - A major component of being an effective teacher is making correct classroom discipline decisions. Teachers who cannot manage student discipline in their classroom effectively are limited in their overall effectiveness in almost every other area of teaching. Classroom Management

One of the biggest challenges for all teachers and especially first year teachers is how to handle classroom management. There are many different classroom management practices and each teacher has to find what works best for them.  This article highlights five best practices for effective student discipline. Corporal Punishment at School - Corporal Punishment at School Debate Corporal Punishment at School - The use of corporal punishment at school is one of the most debated topics in education. Many schools across the country have banned the practice, but there are still a number of school particularly in the southern states where it is an acceptable practice. Discipline Decisions

Discipline Decisions - A major facet of a school principal’s job is to make discipline decisions. A principal should not be dealing with every discipline issue in the school, but should instead be focused on dealing with the bigger problems. Most teachers can and should deal with smaller issues on their own. Discipline Form

Discipline form -- Many principals require a discipline form for a student who is sent to the office with a behavior infraction. This is a sample discipline form for teachers and school staff to complete when dealing with a discipline issue. Guide to Discipline

Guide to Discipline - Every principal should develop a simple guide to discipline for their teachers to follow. This guide simply outlines what offenses should be dealt with in the classroom by the teacher and which offenses should result in a discipline referral. This guide to discipline will eliminate guessing by the teacher and will... How to Deal with a Confrontational Student

One of the scariest issues for teachers is dealing with confrontational students in the classroom. While confrontations do not occur everyday in every classroom, most if not all secondary school teachers will have to deal with a student who is acting belligerant and speaking in out in their classroom. Following are some ideas and tips to help diffuse the situation instead of allowing it to escalate. Ads

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Discipleship & discipline
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Motivating Students
Motivating Students - A principal wears many hats having to be good in many different capacities as they deal with students, teachers, and parents. One of those hats includes motivating students. Although teachers arguably play the largest role in student motivation, a principal can do many things to aide in the area of student motivation. School Discipline

Most administrators spend a large portion of their time dealing with school discipline and behavior. While there is no way you can eliminate all your student behavior problems, there are steps you can take to ensure that your discipline program is seen as effective and efficient. As an administrator there are several things you can do to not... Student Discipline

A school administrator’s job in the realm of student discipline is much like the combination of judge and jury weighing evidence and deciding consequences. Top of Form
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