Topics: Novel, Violence, William Golding Pages: 4 (1529 words) Published: December 3, 2013
“Show how both authors create a world of increasing violence in their novels”

Both Lord of the flies and I’m the King of the Castle were an unforgettable experience as both novels lend themselves to violence and evil which when read and analysed leave an after taste which is hard to ignore. There is an underlying feeling of aggression and hostility almost from the beginning of both novels which as the books progress builds up in to a crescendo of physical and psychological viciousness. Both of the authors William Golding and Susan Hill have managed to create worlds in which only one conclusion can be reached from their message. The settings of each book, although different in locations as Lord of the flies takes place on a remote island and I’m the King of the Castle is situated in a house, the descriptions of both suggest a feeling of isolation and loneliness. In Lord of the flies, an allegory of school boys stranded on an island after a plane crash, five of the characters stand out from the start, we have Ralph who is described as being fair haired and physically fit gives us the impression that he is confident and a leader. Then there is Piggy, whom we are told wears glasses and is chubby so much so that we can tell he is likely to be treated badly by the other boys in later chapters. We also have Jack, who looks intense and determined. He is “tall, thin and bony” making him seem a character to be wary of. Roger is mysterious in quite a threatening way and last there is Simon, he seems a little strange too. Even though the main body of chapter one is optimistic there are hints of conflict between characters from as far back as this, although they are subtle, when Piggy is intimidated by Jacks arrival with his choir because of his uniform and manner which make him seem threatening. The other boys are amused when Jack ridicules Piggy by calling him “fatty” which in turn excludes Piggy from the group. Similarly in I’m the King of the Castle...
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