Topics: Entertainment, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Pages: 1 (397 words) Published: November 3, 2013
Forget about your father it’s all about how I met your mother? Are you tired of watching TV? Are you fed up of watching boring shows? Do you feel like you are missing out on something on TV? If yes, “how I met your mother” is the answer to your problem. I believe the show will blow your mind, because it has just about everything to entertain anyone of any age. Once you’ve watched the show. You might feel guilty, having missed it for so long. It’s only a natural reaction. I myself didn’t know about this show when it first came on until one day my friend told me all about the show. Science The show is about a guy (Ted Mosby) telling his children how he met their mother. The story lines are so unpredictable I can guarantee 100% you will not want to move from your TV until you’ve watched all the entire episodes. My family and I watched all 7 astonishing seasons of how I met your mother and everyone loved it: it was so hilarious, entertaining and amusing. The characters’ are amazing. All the characters are joyful to watch Especially “Barny Stinson” he is a bright charter although mostly acts like a kid. He is a womanize`1r, favours suits, enjoys playing laser tag and performing magic tricks often involving fire, and frequently uses the words "awesome" and "legendary," . His favourite quote is “it’s gonna be legen...wait for it....dary legendary”. I believe he will make you laughs none-stop throughout the episode. He is my favourite character. Also the character-r “ted Mosby” is a likeable character. His an architecture teacher and the central character of the series. An intellectual, responsible and poetic person. Very straight forward.

There’s been a lot of comparison about “Bing Bang theory” to “how I met your mother” about how the show is better and funnier than “how I met your mother”. To that, I say rubbish! How I met your mother is ironic and unique show that has not copied any other show, unlike Bing bang theory. A wise man once said Original is 100...
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