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English 3 honors

By weston42 Apr 20, 2014 657 Words

Our state does an all right job of warning us about the dangers of distracted driving. What to do and what not to do behind the wheel of a vehicle. Just under half of the population who are in their mid thirties and below have cell phones that they use while driving. This shows just how important it is that we need to stop with the distractive driving; the state can only do so much. The rest is up to us, and it shouldn't be a hard decision to make. When you have your phone out and your texting or on social media you are putting your live and other lives around you at risk. If you were to get into a crash and kill someone you would go to jail for the rest of your life and you will have to live with the choices you made. And it would all be over a text message that could have been sent when you got home. Using your phone while driving is not worth it.

People now a days love to text and drive, you may think, "no he's wrong, not that many people text and drive" but in reality it’s true. Just about fifty percent of the drivers today use their cell phones while driving. That's crazy, that means that more than half of the drivers are distracted while on the road. Not only are you putting your life in danger you’re putting others life at risk too. What people don’t understand is when you get behind the wheel of a vehicle you’re in a machine that can do a lot of damage to you and the people and things around you if you aren't careful. Why people use their cell phones while behind the wheel is just ridiculous. If you are a distracted driver just know that if you don’t care about your life don’t harm others who want their family to be safe. You’re potentially taking a mothers child away or a child’s mother by just something as stupid as a text that could wait.

Losing a loved one can have an enormous effect on someone’s life. That person that you just killed because you sent a text, lost their life simply because you weren't being smart and were using your phone while driving. Besides the economic side when a child loses one of their parents they are 50 percent more likely to have some sort of mental problems. Let me put it this way if someone killed your mom while driving all over a text that said, “What’s up” how would you feel? I bet your reply wasn’t going to be a good one, so this is why I ask you don’t do something that you wouldn’t want happening to you. Having taking someone’s life is something you have to live with for the rest of your life. Not only will you be getting a fine for careless driving, but also you will be facing jail time if you end up killing an innocent person. This happens all the time, all over the country and throughout other parts of the world. So don't be just another statistic in the book, take a stand to end distracted and reckless driving.

We all need to take a stand to ban the use of cell phones and distracted driving in the state of Florida and everywhere else. Lets drop the average fifty percent, little by little each year. We need to do more as a whole to stop those people who don’t think it’s a big deal to be distracted while driving, they need to see how important it really is, because soon it could be them who are having to wait for a judge to see what their sentence will be, all because of something that could have been avoided.

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