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Topics: Globalization, International relations, Nation Pages: 1 (294 words) Published: April 24, 2015

      According to Carol Hammond and Robert Grosse, globalization is one of the trendiest topic today. The writers state that whether globalization is good or bad in this article. There are mainly two perspectives which are homogenization and sovereignty. First of all, homogenization is an aspect of cultural globalization. Globalization have an increasing impact on products when people buy something. Nobody knows products such as Big Macs, Nestle coffee, and Levis jeans throughout the world. That is because these products are known as global products, and have spread almost throughout the entire world. However, as homogenization progresses, local language is disappearing because countries try to use languages which used in many countries such as English, Spanish and Chinese. Secondly, they are fearful about losing their own national sovereignty by globalization. As globalization progresses, multinational companies such as Amazon can sell their products with no consideration for national boundaries. The writers states that, “a new program or a new product can be created anywhere in the world, and it becomes instantly available worldwide through its appearance on the Internet” (Hammond, Carol, and Robert Grosse 2 ). As a result, national countries lose the power to sell indigenous products. On the other hands, globalization helps companies who makes international business by internet. And, consumer decision making is becoming important in the advanced countries because when they define their own roles in the global context, their way of thinking is making the world more individualized today. Globalization also supports to forming many countries such as the former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia because as globalization progresses, countries refuse to accept the sovereignty of the national government. The outcome of this study implied that multinational companies need to find management strategies that can withstand the foreign rivals in the home market....
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