English 2 - Literary Response

Topics: United States, Slavery in the United States, Gabriel García Márquez Pages: 4 (1521 words) Published: May 10, 2010
My Singular Irene
Literature is, by my understanding, a means to critic society and individuals or the way the world is behaving. Writers of Literature write literature to provide a new way of seeing things that might be different from our point of view. In other words, writers use tools of literature story like: symbolism, point of view to help them is making the literature story to be more exciting and clear to us, the reader. The author helps us to see the frailty or other bad deeds and good things about this life in this world as we seldom see those things with our own eyes. A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings and My Singular Irene is a very good example for this literature reading, because it is very rich in literature concept and devices, like: symbolism or point of view. The main character in this story is said to be alienated, repressed and silenced in the story. I will prove this statement by retelling the main point on the story that supports this statement. A very old man refers to an old angel that is cast ashore into earth because of inability to keep up with the heavy rain. we can see that the angel is alienated from examples that shown this statement, such as : ”They found the whole neighborhood in front of the chicken coop having fun with the angel, without the slightest reference, tossing him things to eat through the openings in the wire as if he weren’t a supernatural creature but a circus animal.”(Gabriel Garcia Marquez 36). the angel is alienated because It is treated differently from the others. The others are having fun with the angel rather than socializing with the angel. The angel is also repressed and silenced. There is a quotation that shows this statement: “Pelayo watch over him all afternoon from the kitchen, armed with his Bailiff’s club, and before going to bed he dragged him out of the mud and locked him up with the hens in the wire chicken coop.”(Gabriel Garcia- Marquez 36). From this statement, we can derive that the...
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