Topics: Natural environment, Climate change, Economic growth Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: September 1, 2013
Uttarakhand floods Nature or Human have aggravated the miseries Uttrakhand floods are one of the consequences of excessive human intervention in nature's scheme. Increase in irresponsible human activities of encroaching into nature's territory produced such unacceptable and brutal results. Demand for energy and needs of ever increasing population have forced the human to exploit natural resources without considering its impact over the environment. Unchecked emission of green house gases such as carbondioxide and methane by automobiles, thermal plants, industries etc have resulted into global raise in temperature which resulted into melting of the glaciers causing rise in water level. Intra governmental panel on climate convention have asserted that weather related disasters are the result of global warming and climate change. However, no one paid any head to it in context of Utrakhand. The Chipkoo Andolan during the 1990's raised the demand of the hill state in which they promised greener growth, afforestation of denuded slopes and conservation of community forests for the local use. However, after the creation of the Utrakhand in 2000, state bureaucracy, left behind the essence of Chipkoo movement and embarked upon the conventional way of economic development. Instead of reforestation, state allowed clearing of forests for industrial sector – pharmacy sector, cloth mills, and sugar mills. This boosted the economic growth of the region but it was at the expense of the destruction of its natural resources. The core objective of sustainability was lost in the greed of monetary benefits. Roads were built economically keeping least expenditure as norm, compromising with the safety. Mountains were torn down for creating road by blasting explosive and creating tunnels. It made fragile slopes more prone to landslides and get easily eroded away in case of heavy rainfall, aggravating the misery. Change in type of vegetation is considered as another factor in loosening...
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