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The new Choice Based Credit and Semester System (CBCSS) introduced by the University of Kerala gives ample importance to the extra-curricular activities for nurturing the personality of the students. The Literary Club is one of the many clubs initiated by the University as a part of this agenda.The Literary Club in Govt. College for Women functions to attain these objectives :


• To develop different perspectives of appreciation for literature in the students

• To encourage the students’ skills for creative writing and expression

• To introduce them to the literatures of various languages

• To enhance their thought and speech through group discussions and interactive sessions



1. Prof. V.P. Krishna Prabha, Dept. of English

2. Prof. S. Ramdulari, Dept. of Hindi

3. Dr.M.N.Rajan, Dept. of Malayalam

The Literary Club has 26 student members. They are from various teaching departments.

Members from the Dept. of English

1. Anju Jose, 2. Arya V.J., 3. Afiya J. Salah, 4. Anushma J.S., 5. Nayana S. Kumar, 6. AnjuRajan S.R., 7.Sini S., 8. Radhika U.M., 9. GayatriAjayan, 10. Sreelekshmi S., 11. CharuthaSruthi M. Lal, 12. Anu M., 13. . Gowrisree G.S.

Members from the Dept. of Malayalam

1. AparnaSasikumar, 2. Kavya M.V., 3. Chinchu B.U., 4. Anju A., 5. Chinchu B., 6. Amrutha T.S., 7. AchuAyyappan, 8. GeethuSidhan G., 9. Ramsy R.

Members from the Dept. of Hindi

1. Haritha M.A., 2. Neethu R.J.

Members from the Dept. of Philosophy

1. Soorya J.S., 2. SarithaRaj R.


The Literary Club conducted its first meeting on 03-08-2011, Wednesday. Subsequent meetings were conducted on Fridays from 12.30 to 2.00 pm during the third semester. From the fourth semester onwards, the Club expanded its activities and meetings were conducted on Mondays and Wednesdays also from 1.00 to 1.30 pm. If for any reason, a meeting could not be conducted on these days, it was postponed to the very next day. Hence, within a time span of about 60 hours, the Literary Club conducted a variety of programmes and activities.

1. Poetry Presentation (Pen down the poem)

The students recited poems mostly their own, in various languages. The meaning that a poem conveyed was expanded. Opinions were sought for improvement and necessary corrections were made by the students with the help of the teachers.

2. Short story presentation (Say the story)

Imaginative and touchy stories unveiled themselves during this session. The audience opined on the subject matter and language. Stories were based on a variety of subjects from the ones with a personal touch to the ones that centred on contemporary issues.

3. Article Presentation (Art in the Article)

Students either presented their own articlesor took up a newspaper or magazine article for explanation and discussion. This was one of the most informative sessions. The members were enthusiastic to present articles in English, Malayalam and hindi.

Almost every Club meeting had poetry, story and article presentation, thus giving the students ample opportunity to display their talent andimprove the quality of its application.

4. Criticism and Appreciation (Disect and Applaud)

Literary works – poems, stories and essays – of various languages were reviewed. The members appreciated the beauty of some literary works with an artistic mind and criticised some with depth and precision. These sessions were astonishing demonstrations of objective and subjective approaches toliterature.

5. Know the Writer

In this session, members introduced poets and prose writers of various languages. Both the personal life and professional merit of writer were discussed. In some instances, a picture of the writer was also passed around. These sessions...
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